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Septic System Inspection

Massachusetts state law requires every septic system to be inspected by a licensed title 5 inspector before the property can be sold. It is recommended to have a septic inspection before putting a house on the market.

The title 5 inspection process consists of determining the condition of the septic system by accessing the tees, water level, scum and sludge amount, in both the septic tank and the distribution box. The tank is pumped then the structure of the septic tank and distribution box are inspected. Lastly, we check the plumbing in the basement and get required ground water information from the septic plan for the inspection report. We understand this process may be stressful but we ensure absolute peace of mind by offering free consulting for any questions at anytime, just give us a call!

The Grant family business has seen it all inspecting septic systems since 1961.

Unfortunately a small percentage of septic systems fail due to a number of reasons and the #1 reason is neglecting to pump the system. If this happens our septic technicians guide the homeowner through the best process to resolution.

‚ÄčInspections we do pass at a rate of 96% and if there is a minor problem our technicians are equipped to fix it promptly.

Our certified technicians follow a proven 57 year old process to analyze every situation. Our experienced techs determine the difference between major and minor septic problems daily before they become a replacements. Failing and installing a new septic system should always be the last resort option.