Certified Title 5 inspection specialist

Daniel Grant is a licensed certified title 5 inspector with over 35 years of experience. The Septic Tech are title 5 experts that get the job done right with professionalism at a reasonable price.

Daniel Grant will Be doing  all the work himself so you know you are getting some one with the right experience to do the job right. The Septic Tech has less overhead then larger companies to give our customer the best price and service. Specializing in title 5 inspection, septic pumping, repairs, installations and troubleshooting

Septic Repairs

I can also take care of a complete new septic system installation down to small repairs or pumping of septic tanks, well water testing, water-sewer connections, septic locating equipment, landscaping and back-hoe service and free consulting on any service.


The Septic Tech has 35 years of experience with septic problems. This expertise gives us the knowledge in making the correct repair at the right time and saving the customer time and money.