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The Septic Experts In Pumping Maintenance, Title 5 Inspections, Repairs, And Installations.
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​Don’t let your septic tank get full! Septic systems should be pumped every 1-3 years depending on the usage of the system. ​


Septic system inspections are required by Massachusetts state law when any property is sold.


Our technicians can install risers to eliminate digging costs and repair or replace any part of a septic system that needs it.


Septic Pumping

Septic system pumping and maintenance is like changing the oil in a car, if proper maintenance is performed then the lifetime of the system is tremendously extended. Septic systems need to be pumped out every few years to make sure the system continues to function. Neglecting to pump the tank can result in an overfull tank creating a foul septic smell in the yard and septic can back up into the home. The worst result is a failing septic system due to a clogged soil absorption system.


Homeowners should pump their septic tank every 1-3 years depending on the size and usage of the tank.


Business owners should pump their septic tank yearly depending on how busy business is and you can trust us to determine that!


Septic tanks with filters provide a screening device on the outlet pipe to prevent solids from clogging the leach field. Filters need to be cleaned yearly.


We analyze every septic system and make a specific septic cleaning schedule to maintain a healthy system and evnrionment.


Title 5 Inspections

The state of Massachusetts requires homeowners to have a licensed title 5 inspector perform an evaluation on the septic system before sale of the home. The inspection process consists of determining the condition of the septic system by examining the tees, water level, scum and sludge amount, in both the septic tank and the distribution box. The structure of the septic tank and distribution box are inspected for corrosion. Lastly, we check the plumbing in the basement for leaks and determine ground water to make sure drinking water and the environment is not being contaminated.


Our Certified Title 5 technicians follow a process perfected over 57 years by the family to analyze every situation accurately.


For any problem that we encounter we always provide the most effective solution at the cheapest possible price.


We can inspect any property with a septic system. We can dig, inspect, and replace the grass in the yard so it is in great condition for sale of the property. Call us, ask us!


Our 96% pass rate comes from keeping our customers septic tanks properly maintained throughout the years, and our ability to repair septic systems.


Repairs and Installations

Our Certified Title 5 technicians follow a proven 57 year old process to analyze every situation. We have the experience to determine if a minor repair or a complete replacement installation is needed and we have the equipment to complete the job correctly. Our experienced technicians determine the difference between major and minor septic problems before they become a replacements every day. Failing and installing a new septic system should always be the last resort option.


We Repair or Replace Septic Tanks, Distribution Boxes, Clogged Leach Fields, Water and Sewer Lines. We Replace Tees, Filters and Covers. We also perform soil/perk testing for septic system design plans!


We Install Septic Systems, Water lines, Sewer Lines, and Risers (raises the level of the septic tank cover to the surface, or close to it to eliminate digging costs).


Family owned since 1961 providing Septic Maitenance, Inspections & Repairs!

Our #1 goal is to leave our customers completely satisfied with a job done correctly. We are dedicated to protecting your home, environment and drinking water from pollution. Here at Grant’s Septic Techs we take pride in helping our customers and have enjoyed doing it as a family for 57 years.


Hear from our people!

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our customers have said online:


5+ Stars is how I rate this exceptional family owned company! They are truly amazing and offer true top notch customer service! Absolutely cannot say enough good things about Grant’s Septic Techs! They are the true definition of what “customer service” is all about and that is Grant’s Septic!! So completely thorough, detailed, honest and a such pleasure to work with!! They are the best out there!! You absolutely will know that you selected the right company if you go with Grant’s…the best company bar none!!!

Tessa Sullivan

North Grafton, Massachusetts


Grant’s was amazing! We called them because there was a problem with our system and they were at our house within the hour. Their techs were extremely friendly and explained everything for us. Their pricing was competitive and when they were done they patched our yard so you didn’t know they were ever there. I would highly recommend them. Local business and great service.

David Graham

Northbridge, Massachusetts


These guys seriously saved my day today. Our plumbing backed up on Friday and I called Grant’s in a panic and their CS rep was so sweet and friendly. The crew came to my house right after completing a job, helped my fiancé dig out our septic, pumped it, cleaned our filters, found and fixed the issue. They were incredibly kind, professional and went above and beyond for us. I can’t say enough nice things. They will be our septic company going forward, and I also called my mother and suggested she make the change as well. Thank you so much Grant’s!

Paige Horn

Hopkinton, Massachusetts

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